The Yoga Prescription: A Chronic Illness Survival Guide

An empowering look at how yoga can help you adjust, adapt, and thrive through chronic illness—no matter what your body throws at you.

Let’s be real: dealing with chronic illness sucks. And while medical treatment plans are an effective way to manage physical symptoms, those methods often ignore the hidden, intangible, and emotional struggles of disease. Certified yoga instructor and MS and lupus warrior Cory Martin has been there, done that, and found a different way to enjoy her new normal. In this inspiring and practical book, she shows how yoga can help heal your mind, spirit, stamina, and strength to feel your best as you live with illness.

This is not a typical yoga book, focused on poses and athleticism. In The Yoga Prescription, Cory draws on personal experience and extensive training to offer real-world advice on how all of the yogic philosophies can improve your quality of life, as well as detailed instructions on everything from movement and breathing to learning how to listen to your body, say no, and just be.

Yoga is not just for the healthy and fit; it is for every body. Let The Yoga Prescription show you how to live better with yours.

About the Author:
Cory Martin is the author of a variety of books including the bestselling Yoga for Beginners and the award-winning Love Sick, which chronicles her life with multiple sclerosis. She is a chronic illness expert for Verywell Health and her writing has been featured on CNN, HuffPost, Everyday Health, Psychology Today, and more. As a 500-hour certified yoga instructor she’s taught at studios across Los Angeles and is the writer behind the documentary Titans of Yoga.

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