Everybody needs some help sometimes, right? At least that’s what Becky believes when she begins to look for a therapist. But when her search turns into a wild goose chase, Becky starts to wonder about the wonders of therapy.

10% of the profits from this story will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

About the author:

E.L.A. is a queer Quaker living on the South Side of Chicago who writes ear first. She attended New York University for Documentary Media and is currently a producer, specializing in radio, oral history, and podcasting. She is also the executive producer of the folk + kin, an art collective spanning the U.S. Her poetry and nonfiction have previously been published on The Creators Project, Oxford University Press Blog, The Gallatin Review, and The Review at NYU, among others. Her stories reflect modern mythology and taboo. To learn more about E.L.A. follow her on Twitter.

Cover photo by Caro Xia Lihua.

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