Alex and Lawrence have been friends a long time, even if they deal with problems differently. When shit hits the fan, Alex gets drunk in a fountain, and Lawrence plays a song on repeat. Now faced with  a problem that needs both of their help,  the two old friends might finally have to learn to hear what the other has to say.

10% of the profits from this short story will be donated to the South Texas Persian Rescue.

About the Author:

Bertram Allan Mullin (BAM) graduated from the University of Houston, where some of his bar buds reside. Others are in Costa Rica. They learned Spanish and helped kids there. More of them are in Japan where BAM teaches English. "Bar Buds" is dedicated to each one for the inspiration: Friends come and go, a bar bud is always there when it's darkest. BAM has about one hundred publications with various journals, magazines, and anthologies. Recent works: "Zeitgeist" within HellBound Books' Shopping List Anthology, "Glass Puzzle" within McKenzie Publishing 's Two Eyes Open Anthology, and "Zoinks" with Peacock Journal. To find out more about BAM visit his website,  or follow him on Facebook, Instagram at @bam_writes, or Twitter @bamwrites.   

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