A woven story of love and doubt and the inevitable 'what if' when tragedy occurs. What if she'd never gone on that hike? What if she were still alive? Would the final outcome of the two worlds, the one where she was here, and the one where she wasn't, still be the same? 

10% of the profits from this short story will be donated to the Maine Public Broadcasting Network.

About the Author:

Jesse Leighton is a Los Angeles transplant from Portland, Maine, who is sometimes playing the bass, making faces either onstage or camera, but is usually just tapping a pen, staring off into space, working on the next manuscript. He is a member of the Coronet Writer's Lab, a writing member of the Offending Shadows Theater Company, and a plague on all of the people who get queries about his novels. He also does closed captions at odd hours of the morning, so maybe you've seen his work.

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