During a holiday in Spain, Kate finds herself reminiscing about the days when she and her husband Antonio first met. Older now, she longingly watches love and life unfold through the eyes of her blossoming daughters.

10% of the profits from this short story will be donated to the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation.

About the Author:

Australian author, Nadia L King, was born in Dublin, Ireland. She has a background in journalism and media relations and has written for magazines in Europe and the US. She reads voraciously and enthusiastically and inhales books the same way her Labrador inhales dog biscuits. Nadia is an overexcited person who adores words, loves writing short stories and keeps a blog at Her writing has been described as “raw, real and heart-wrenching.” Her first book, Jenna’s Truth, is published by Aulexic and is a powerful tool to arm teens against bullying. Nadia lives near the Swan River in Western Australia.

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