Why the Short Story?

Fitzgerald in the Saturday Evening Post

Why did we choose to launch our company by publishing short stories first?

Because the short story is a part of history we’re hoping repeats itself. There used to be a time where short fiction was king. Where great writers like Fitzgerald and Hemingway made livings off of short stories. Where their tales led to novels that led to movies that led to lives of grandeur. Where everyone had access to them. Today, that is not the case. Most short stories live in highly regarded literary journals and magazines that only those in the literary know seem to read. Don't get us wrong, we love these journals and read them quite frequently ourselves, but we believe that with the power of the internet and social media we can reach a far broader audience. While we have some great literary stories, we don’t think all short stories need to be fit for The New Yorker. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to tell their tale. That’s why the stories we choose to publish come from writers with varied writing experience and backgrounds and their subjects are varied. This is why we hope you’ll support us in our endeavor by purchasing the stories we put out there.

Starting on Tuesday, October 6th we will be releasing a new short story every other week. These stories will first be offered at an exclusive discount to our Facebook and Instagram followers and will then find a permanent home here in our online store. Our hope is to curate a plethora of stories, so that there is something for everyone. If you like what we’re doing, please feel free to share this with your friends, colleagues and neighbors. We love it when you spread the word.

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