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We love meeting writers and readers from all over the world. Our Facebook and Instagram accounts are full of strangers we now call friends and we love how they're sharing our message with others. That's why we wanted to share with you what they've been saying:

If you want to know more about Write Out check out this blog post by a lovely writer in Australia:

This isn’t one of those publishing companies where you don’t get a chance to even knock on the door, this company is about stripping down barriers and I am all for stripping down barriers.

And to read one of the most well crafted reviews we've read in a while, check out this post from another writer in sunny So Cal:

Crazy Love, a short story by Cory Martin, surpasses any type of crazy love story that you know. We’re not talking the usual chauffeur love, like I’ll run your errands for you, take your dog on long walks, or go to the gas station at 3 a.m. because you wanted a king size Snickers – type love. We’re talking about an over-the-top crazy love, like I’ll drink your bath water, I’ll kill you then kill myself, Ike and Tina type romance.

And if you're on Instagram go follow these great writers at:



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