Love Sick by Cory Martin & MS Awareness Month


Love Sick by Cory Martin

Did you know that March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month? What does that mean for you as a reader? Well, it means you have a chance to help others and do good. Every time you purchase a copy of Love Sick (hardcover, paperback or ebook), 10% of the profits from the sale of the book will be donated to the National MS Society. That’s a good thing because the MS Society not only provides resources for all those living with the disease but also funds research to help find a cure. Why is this important? Because it’s part of the reason Cory Martin wrote Love Sick. She wants a cure, but more than that she wants to spread awareness.

March is MS Awareness Month

“When I was told I had MS, I felt completely alone. I spent hours online scrolling message boards for any sense of hope and I turned to books to learn more. While there were some books out there that talked about the disease in the clinical sense there weren’t any I could connect with on a personal level. There were men who had written their memoirs, but these guys were middle aged and married and their situation was nothing like my own. While their books gave me some sense of the disease and were well written, I still wanted the Eat, Pray, Love version of them. I wanted to know how other young women were dealing with the disease in their daily lives. How they were dating. How they told others. How they dealt with symptoms. Everything. And that’s why I wrote the book. So that no one would ever have to feel alone again.”

While Cory Martin’s memoir, Love Sick, deals with her diagnosis and journey with multiple sclerosis, and will certainly educate you on its effects, it is not a book exclusively meant for people living with the disease. Her desire to find love is universal, and her hope and honesty are inspiring to anyone who’s ever been single, struggled with an illness or been on a search to find themselves. To purchase a copy of the book click here.


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